Taylor Farm

Working dairy farm offers tour of cheese making room and seasonal sleigh rides. Includes recopies and guest house information.

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Photo Credit: Erica Houskeeper/HappyVermont (happyvermont.com)

Taylor Farm is a 180 year old farm in the Green Mountains of Vermont. Our family has operated the farm for the past 14 years. Our herd consists of 40 Holstein and Jersey milk cows, each individually named and cared for in a traditional tie-stall barn.

Originally strictly a dairy operation, over the years we have added a cheese making facility, lodging, a farm stand, sleigh rides and educational activities. In 2001 the farm was put into conservation through the Vermont Land Trust and the generosity of the Freeman Foundation and many of our neighbors. We purchased a portion of the farm and continue to practice sustainable agriculture on the entire property.

For the past twelve years we have hand-crafted award winning European-style raw milk Gouda cheeses using fresh, sweet milk from our herd. Currently about 1,000 pounds of cheese are produced each week. After a minimum of two months of aging the wheels of cheese are ready for your table.

Several traditional and contemporary varieties of Gouda are made. All varieties of our Gouda cheeses are made with our own raw milk. This creates cheeses with a depth of flavor not found in others made with pasteurized milk. Taylor Farm Gouda is a creamy, semi-firm cheese which one of Manhattan’s finest cheese shops calls, “better than Holland’s best.”

Each batch is made by hand on our Londonderry, Vermont farm. We are committed to producing cheese from milk which has no growth hormones added, from cows who graze on 180 year old permanent pastures free from pesticides, herbicides and chemical fertilizers. Their hay is from our own fields and the grain is custom blended.

To reach Taylor Farm, take Route 11 West toward Bromley Mountain from Londonderry. Taylor Farm is 1 mile from town on the right. Coming from Manchester, take Route 11 East past Bromley. Taylor Farm is 1.2 mile past the Swiss Inn on the left.

All of our cheeses are sold by the pound, in waxed wedges, or in a wheel. We make 1, 2, 5 and 10 pound wheels. Please know that wheel weights are approximate and will vary slightly due to the handmade nature of the cheeses. Call to order, 802-824-5690. We look forward to hearing from you!

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Vermont 11 825
Londonderry 05148 VT US
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